May 18, 2011

Attention, eBayer Sellers! Ralph Lauren will be on Oprah today!

One of my students just let me know that Ralph Lauren will be on the Oprah Winfrey Show today, Wednesday the 18th.  What a coincidence!  I just wrote about Ralph!

Who knows what an eBayer could learn from watching the interview?  Maybe he'll give us some tips related to selling his items on eBay!  (LOL....doubtful.)


  1. Hi Miriam,
    Your blog is great! I came across a pair of Keen shoes at our (overpriced) Goodwill today & debated buying them... They were $10. Keens usually go for a good amount on ebay, but I was worried about paying too much. I wondered what you would do, so I thought I'd ask! :) (they were size 39, pretty good casual style, although they looked a bit like bowling shoes - in sort of a good way?, and unfortunately Goodwill marks the price on the sole in pen) Thanks!

  2. If they are men's, buy them. I just sold a pair in almost new condition for around $40. If they are women's, make sure they are in good condition, but I would buy them, too. I don't spend $10 on most brands, but Keens in excellent condition are worth it!

  3. I hate when they write with pen. I have had good luck getting off
    lots of different writing with a magic eraser though. Just thought
    I would throw in my 2 cents:)


  4. Thanks for the info! Magic Eraser...I'll have to try that!

  5. Goof Off 2 works on almost all marks & is safe for plastics too......NOT Goo Gone.