May 19, 2011

Hey, eBay Sellers! Coffee is now officially a health food!

I've talked about coffee mugs before.  I love them.  And now that coffee is officially considered a health food, you should feel even better about selling them!  The health benefits of drinking coffee have been widely documented.  You're not just making money.  You're helping buyers live longer! 

Check out this Miss Piggy mug.  I go to a lot of yard sales, and I'd never seen one like this before. 

So I looked it up on Terapeak.  This mug is rare.  But the only one I found sold for a mere $10. 

"What?" I thought to myself.  

When I listed this mug, I was the only one who had it, so I decided to set my own price.  How about $30?  It wasn't long before I got my first offer.  I ended up selling it for $22.  Not bad for a mug that only cost a few quarters! 

Coffee rocks and coffee mugs rock even more!

If you're interested in learning how to sell on eBay, email me at  Need shoes?  Check out my shoe store,  Have a great night! 


  1. I really like those unique items. What are they worth? What ever I say there worth.


  2. And that's the moral of the story!