January 9, 2011

Interested in buying bubble wrap in bulk but don't know how to store it? Check this out!

Our super handy neighbor saw that we were storing bubble wrap in the garage and came up with an awesome way to store it.  Thanks, Mark!


  1. Really nice. My packing room is my former dining room, so I hang my bubble wrap off those extendable shower curtain rods you get at the hardware store. I have it suspended btwn one wall and a cabinet. Got the tip from another eBay seller.

  2. I have two wires hanging down from my basement rafters supporting a dowel, similar to what you have but on a smaller scale.

    You are hooked up now....that's a lot of bubble wrap!


  3. Oh that's funny. I usually store bubble wraps (http://www.ozbubblewrap.com.au/) to make windows insulation and this could be a good idea hahaha.