January 8, 2011

It's cold outside and there was only one sale.....but it was a score!

Check out this photo!  It was freezing this morning, but there was still a yard sale - an estate sale.  It was down the street from our house!  The following items were picked up for a total of $5.  Most of these items are items I have sold in the past, so I predict that I made a minimum of $200!!!

1. Wide variety of coffee mugs
2. Vintage massager (sold one of those before)
3. Vintage women's coats  -- one is leather.  Very cool.  (not sure how much I will get for these)
4. SAS comfort loafers.
5. Birkenstock sandals.
6. USSR-made ashtray -- must research / could be major score
7. Animal coasters made in England.
8. Brass bell
9. Delft Holland coasters

Time to list!  (Note:  If you have time, always list right after scoring...when you're on an adrenaline high!)


  1. Good advice to list right away. I have the best time finding treasures but lose the excitement thereafter. I need to find a friend that likes to list as much as I like to find. I have got to get over this! Thanks for your blog. It gets me motivated. Keep up the great finds!

  2. Thanks for reading! And get back to listing! LOL

  3. Just received an offer of $25 for the cats eyes....no, I think I'll wait. According to Terapeak, they are going for around $40!

  4. Sold the massager for $25 and the coasters for $10!

  5. Sold the Greece coffee mug for $8.99 and the Birkenstocks for $18!

  6. Sold the cats eye sunglasses for $35 to someone in Israel!