January 14, 2011

Score of the Day - 80's Edition

Check it out!  We just purchased three vintage Members Only jackets for $3!!!!  These were purchased at an estate sale, and are in great condition!  The man who owned these definitely took care of his stuff.  (May he rest in peace...)  These are the "cafe racer" style jackets that go for between 20 and 50 dollars depending on the condition.  The leather ones go for much more.

Cha Ching!

Update:  The white one just sold for $29.99!!! It sold to a guy who's attending an '80s party!  He said he owned the exact same one when he was a teen.  (1.18.11) 

Update #2:  I bought a burgundy MO jacket a few days later and it sold for $39.99 last week.  (3.3.11)