July 12, 2010

The score of the day: 24 sets of Stampin' Up stamps in perfect condition

Saturday I went to a yard sale and met a lady who was a rep for Stampin' Up, a scrapbooking company. Scrapbooking is cool, but it's just not me. It takes too much time, and my creations always look horrible.

When I was in elementary school, I was a straight-
A student, but I hated art. In fourth grade, we had to make bird pictures in Mrs. Stockwell's class. These pictures were made out of seeds. It took me FOREVER to finish the project, and when I was done, the entire picture was covered in dried glue. If my grade had depended on that project, I probably would have failed art. I'm just not the crafty type. Know what I mean?

But Stampin' Up stamps sell, and I love things that sell.

The Stampin' Up rep had 24 sets of Stampin' Up stamps in beautiful condition - she had sprayed them with acrylic so the ink hadn't stained any of them. She wanted $5 a box which was way to much for my taste. Instead of paying the $120 she was asking for the entire box, I offered her $50. She took it!

I know that some people will say that I could have gotten a lot more for these on eBay, but because I was being lazy, I decided to throw them on eBay for $150, and they sold in less than 24 hours to a lady in New Zealand! She paid $95 for shipping!! (The box is pretty heavy.) But she's very excited. I probably could have gotten much more for them listing them individually at auction, but the work involved in listing and packaging 24 separate sets of stamps .....no thanks.

So my profit was around $75. Not bad!

Here is the listing: Stampin' Up Listing

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