July 23, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a pair of Peal & Co. for Brooks Brothers men's shoes purchased for $30 and sold for....

A great end to the week! While in Portland, we purchased a new pair of Peal & Co shoes for $30. I shuddered as I paid for them.....but we were pretty sure they were a score! These were made in England for Brooks Brothers. I never pay $30 for shoes, but we looked them up on Terapeak and the Internet, and they run about $488 in the stores. We decided to list them for $199 or best offer.

Within a few days, I received 2 offers. The first offer was for $165, and the second was for $145. I sent a note to the man who submitted the second offer and explained that I had already received an offer for $165 and that I had just listed them. So.....I was willing to wait. I was very nice about the whole thing.

After verifying my return policy (My return policy is as follows: Don't like it? Send it back!), he accepted my counteroffer of $175.

Cost of shoe: $30

Selling price: $175

Profit: almost $120!!!!

A great start to the weekend!!

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  1. awesome Miriam, just wanted to say hi and I love reading about your great buys. What a great score you made. I'll see you in San Jose! Vicki Conley - pictureithere