July 22, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is an artificial Christmas tree given to me at a yard sale and sold for....

OK. This is more of a tip than a "Score of the Day." Selling a Christmas tree at a yard sale in the middle of summer is almost impossible -- no matter how much you originally paid for it. If you see a high quality artificial Christmas tree at a yard sale for under $10, buy it! By "high quality" I mean a large tree that cost over $100. Seriously - they are a dime a dozen. Or better yet, wait until the end of the sale. Drive by the sale around noon. People often give up and give them away!

I have been given high quality trees on several occasions. Here's what you do: A week before Thanksgiving, set up the trees you have collected. Set them up in your living room or garage. Within a few days, all the trees will be sold. I usually get about $40 per tree. Isn't that awesome??

Cost of trees: $0
Profit: $40 per tree

What could be better than that??

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For more eBay selling tips and tricks .....tune in tomorrow!

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