July 28, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is 24 Nancy Drew novels purchased for $1.50 and sold for....

I sold them! Remember the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries I purchased a few weeks ago? I purchased 51 hardback novels in excellent condition for $3.

I divided these books into two listings. One listing featured the Hardy Boys and one featured the Nancy Drew novels. Last week, a woman offered me $16 for 6 of the Nancy Drew books. I relisted the rest of the books for $25.99. I sold those today!

I still have the Hardy Boys books. These books actually go for more than the Nancy Drews ........so we'll see!

Total cost of Nancy Drew novels: $1.50

Selling price of Nancy Drew novels: $42

Tip of the day: Teachers are often looking for books to use with the "Accelerated Reader" program. (Check the AR website to verify that the books you are selling have AR reading tests associated with them. If so, put AR or Accelerated Reader in the title.)

Have a good night!

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