July 18, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a 1994 Tokyo Starbucks mug purchased for $2 and sold for...

After work one day, I visited the new and improved Salvation Army in Oroville, California. Thank goodness I did because I found a Tokyo Starbucks mug.

I go to a lot of yard sales, and I had never seen a Tokyo Starbucks mug. I wasn't sure if it was worth anything, but I had a hunch. You just never know. Some Starbucks mugs are really neat but are a dime a dozen. Others seem relatively plain but are rare. This specific one was only $2. I had to buy it.

I researched the mug on Terapeak. Only one had been listed within the last 90 days. It had sold for around $33 at a fixed price. With rare items, it is sometimes best to list them at auctions. I thought I could get more.

I checked on eBay, and only one other person was offering this specific mug at the time I wanted to list mine. All of this information made me realize that I was, indeed, dealing with a rare mug.

Originally, I had the mug listed for $99.99 with a best offer. I was afraid to list it at auction. Last week, I noticed that someone else was selling this exact mug at auction. It ended up selling for $52.

As soon as the aforementioned auction ended, I listed my Tokyo Starbucks mug at auction for a starting price of $9.99 hoping that the people who were outbid the week before would be interested in my mug!

It ended up selling for......


Starbucks Tokyo Japan city mug coffee cup 1994  green

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  1. Great score! Mugs can be profitable....and not many people look at them in thrift stores and garage sales.