January 18, 2010

eBay Selling Tip of the Day : Want people to buy more from you on eBay? Just ask them to!

Today I convinced someone to purchase two pairs of shoes instead of one. This selling technique has worked for me many times!

I sell shoes in hard-to-find sizes - narrow and wide widths / small and large sizes. I know how difficult it is for some people to find shoes because I wear an "odd" size myself. If someone who lives in the United States purchases a pair of shoes from me, I let them know that I only charge shipping on the first pair.

Sometimes this technique works with international buyers as well! I once had a woman in Spain order a very expensive pair of shoes from me. I did not want to send them via the First Class International mail service offered by the USPS since I would not be able to track the package. I told her that the shoes she purchased would have to be sent using the Express International option. She ended up buying three pairs of shoes from me instead of one. The cost to send three pairs was only about $5 more than the cost to send one! I absorbed the extra $5 and was happy to have sold three items that day! She was happy to have found three pairs of shoes in a women's size 12. That's not an easy feat to accomplish when you live in Spain!


  1. Great suggestion on asking for more business. Often, people are thrilled when you offer them a discount on combined shipping. Your offer of free shipping is sure to excite your customers. Great idea!

  2. thank you. Ive read them all and I love it. I hope to talk again. Holly