October 20, 2009

Yard Sales Now Take Paypal !!!!!

OK. I published my first blog entry. It's official.

Before I go to bed, I am going to add one more entry. Last weekend, a friend and I found a yard sale that was selling an IRobot automatic floor cleaner!

Retail: $300

Yard sale price after being used "10 or so" times? $40.

The device was still in the box looking practically new. By the way, the best yard sales are in tract home neighborhoods filled with 30-somethings. The IRobot is one of those devices that looks like a little spaceship zooming around your living room. Basically, it's the poor person's maid. The woman said that she ended up getting an Irobot type vacuum instead. She didn't like the fact that she had to add more solution to the Irobot....she didn't want to have to do anything to it -- just turn it on. Quite hilarious.

Anyway, we saw it but didn't have $40 cash. "Do you take Paypal?" my friend asked the lady in charge. And that was that. Our first Paypal transaction at a yard sale.

I love the year 2009! - Miriam @ Bluefrogshoes.com - hard-to-find sizes and brand names.

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