October 20, 2009

The eBay Life - Part 1

So.. I've wanted to start a blog about "The eBay Life" for quite some time. I really wanted to start one after I saw the movie Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep. Loved that movie.
I work at an adult school four days a week, and I spend the rest of the time running my eBay store, Bluefrogshoes.com. My store is filled with brand name shoes, and I specialize in hard-to-find sizes. I recently began adding other items to my store like plus size clothing and coffee mugs. Yard sales, thrift shops, Craigslist, and eBay are a huge part of my life. About 90 percent of the items in my living room were purchased at yard sales or on Craigslist. I fashioned my living room after the Pottery Barn catalog. It looks pretty darn good. Not bad, really. I feel so "green" when I walk in the house. It's an environmentally friendly space. My carbon footprint is itty bitty thanks to my lifestyle of recycling and purchasing relatively few new items. LOL
Two rooms of my house are completely devoted to eBay. One is our eBay office. The other room is for inventory that has not been listed yet. I have also rented a storage unit. Things were getting out of control, and I realized that I needed to rent a storage unit, or I would soon go crazy.
I have many, many interesting stories to tell. Every weekend (and I mean EVERY weekend) my good friend Niko* and I go to yard sales. This blog will be devoted to the people we meet, the items we buy, and the situations we encounter as we live "The eBay Life."
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* Name has been changed for this blog


  1. Great stories, loved it, especially the camping gear. Keep the stories coming,

  2. I love it! You have such a gift!