September 12, 2011

Important eBay News: Save your messages by today, September 12th!

Here's the announcement from the eBay "Announcements" board.  (I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier!  I'll be on it next time!)

"Over the next couple of months, we’ll be making changes to improve the Messages system within My eBay. Once complete, you’ll enjoy enhanced search functionality, a new auto-archive function for easy email organization and more.

Take action: Because most users don’t look at emails older than six months, and the additional capacity gained by removing older messages will help the Messages system run faster, we will be reducing the length of time emails can be stored in your Messages folders from one year to six months

On September 12, we will begin the process of removing  emails older than six months from your inbox and folders. This includes messages that you have saved in an Archive folder. You will not be able to retrieve these emails once they are deleted. If you want to save messages older than six months, you can either:
Be sure to save or forward your messages before September 12. Once implemented, we hope you find these improvements to the Messages system make member-to-member communications on eBay even better."

Alrighty then.  Take action today if you have messages you want to keep!

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