June 14, 2011

Need eBay selling ideas? Check out the Yard Sale Roundup for 6.14.11

Boris, David....the gang's all here!  Check out what we purchased at the first yard sale of the day!

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And for more eBay selling ideas, don't forget to read Skip McGrath's newsletter. I've been reading it for years! Check out his newsletter by clicking here.


  1. Wow, great scores for the money, esp that carved cameo shell.
    Speaking of giraffes, a few years ago, I sold a child's plastic mug that was in the shape of a giraffe's head to a giraffe museum in Germany! Who knew there is a museum devoted to giraffes??

  2. That's so funny!

  3. I'm really enjoying your Yard Sale Roundups, gives me some good ideas of things to look for that were not on my radar.

  4. Thanks for looking!