April 18, 2011

eBay On Location Photo Gallery!!!!

If you like their shirts, check out Bluefrogshoes.com.  I bought one for resale!!  Only 100 made!

I was warned against going, but my fellow eBayers wanted to check it out.  The boys were on vacation, but it was still fun!  No lines!

(I'm really curious how much Chumlee gets per episode.)

This one's for you, Niko.  (He loves the Sopranos.)

I'm guessing the Old Man was instructed not to remodel.  Adds to the charm, I guess.

Although they probably added the "World Famous" to this sign after filming began.

 Thanks, Janine and Linda!  (Blog followers who put me up (or put up with me!) in this awesome timeshare for 3 nights!)  It was soooo nice!

An overall awesome event!


  1. Is the name of the timeshare resort "Grand Desert Resort" by Wyndham Vacation Resorts?

  2. I thought I recognized it! I worked for Wyndham Timeshare at it's corporate office for many years and saw that project grow from the ground up. It was kinda like seeing an old friend in a random picture... Thanks!