April 17, 2011

FYI: The Raiders sweatshirt was very popular and sold the first week!

Remember the cool and stylish 1989 flourescent Raider's sweatshirt I purchased last week for $4?  The one from when the Raiders were in L.A.?  It was a hit!

Final price for this lovely piece was ...........


It sold to someone in Bakersfield, but someone in Australia bid on it as well!  11 watchers total!  (Update:  She loved it!)


  1. Nice score! I will be on the look out for LA
    Raiders gear now. I never really thought about it before. The amount of valuable stuff out there is amazing!

  2. I was there! I saw you once, but you were busy and I didn't see you again. What did you think of it? I liked it so much I'm considering going to the ebay radio party.

  3. eBay Radio is even more fun because it's so small. You should go! I'm not going because I may go to the second eBay on Location.