March 24, 2011

"SUPER quick shipping and VERY pleasant emails!! A pleasant surprise on eBay!!"

This morning I received a new feedback comment that caught my attention.  Once again, someone mentioned that I was friendly.

Hey, I'm no Shakespeare.  I respond to inquiries in a timely manner and attempt to sound like I'm interested in making a sale.  I start each email with a greeting and thank people for visiting my store.  That's it.  It must be pretty bad out there because apparently, I'm an email superstar.  (If you'd like to read my thoughts on eBay email etiquette, click here!) 

And this isn't the first time this has happened.

Recently, I listed a pair of size 8 BMW motorcycle pants.  A buyer contacted me to ask how they fit.  I told him I would try them on and report back.  They were a bit tight in the waist for a women's 8.  He wanted to buy them for his gal pal, so I made sure to let him know that they didn't exactly fit true to size.  He ended up sending me a reasonable offer, and I accepted.  

Well, he loved them.  And he loved me.  According to his feedback comment, I'm the "best seller he's ever done business with -- period."  Wow!  What did I do to deserve that?  

So how much did I pay for these motorcycle pants?  $25.  $25 is quite a bit for me, and I was a little worried that I might not make my money back.  But I've decided to start living on the edge -- and it's paying off.  The pants sold for...........


       Not bad!      

FYI: I'm not telling you these stories to brag. I just find it shocking that eBay buyers are so easily impressed.  Put out a little effort, don't act like a grump...... and all of a sudden you're "the best seller on eBay."  Definitely something to think about.

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  1. Hi, I really enjoy reading your blog! Thanks for all the great tips. I have a question for you. I found some great Ferragamo shoes at Goodwill today. They have hardly been worn. The problem I have is they don't have an "obvious" size anywhere. There are a bunch of numbers on the inside down the side. If I sent you a picture would you be willing to tell me what you think? I am guessing they are a size 10. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Sure! Just contact me at You might also have someone try them on.


  3. Boo-Ya! Nice score on the Harley Davidson pants!