March 19, 2011

Another rainy day....another score! Check out my yard sale roundup!

On Friday, there was only one yard sale.  It was another score!  After I took this video, I went back and got even more!  (Already sold the boots and one of the mugs!)

Oh, and after doing a bit more research, I think I made over $200 no problem.  Those vintage sunglasses may bring a pretty penny.  I'll let you know!

Update:  Just sold the Starbucks mug for $50!! (3.21.11) 

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  1. Nice scores, and on a rainy friday too!

  2. Always grab those Starbucks city mugs, esp the Minneapolis one with the famous cherry in a spoon sculpture. In one of the eBay forums I belong to, a seller sold one of those for over $1000! Only a few were made because Starbucks got in trouble over using the image of the spoon sculpture.

  3. Oooh. Thanks! I would have held out for more on the Starbucks, but it wasn't in perfect condition. Gotta go....gotta go look out for one of those Minneapolis mugs!!!