December 3, 2010

Storage Wars on A & E a Hit!

OK.  So I watched Storage Wars online today.  To my chagrin, I don't get A&E.  I don't usually watch television.  All the shows I like are available online - Pawn Stars, Monk, there's no need to get the fancy cable package full of useless channels.

But that's OK!  Storage Wars was available online almost immediately after it aired. (Smart move, A&E) Anyway, it was awesome!  Night vision goggles, Camaros, Suge Knight gear.....something for everyone!


  1. I watched it too. There is another similar show on another network, can't remember the name but I think Storage is in the title.

    I like the older guy who bought the Suge Knight clothes,he is a real character! and how could no one tell their was a car underneath that tarp?!

    The guy who bought the restaurant equipment got the best deal. He paid only 2000 and made close to 20,000! How did those other bidders drop out of the bidding?

    Good show, I don't think the practice would be for me but to each his own.

    Great blog keep up the good work, Check out mine when you can!

  2. I like the show and if i win the 5000 (I entered from watching show) I will give it a try with the winnings.......

  3. how do you get shows on TV? to computer need a lesson

  4. Just go to the A&E homepage and search for full episodes of the show!