December 14, 2010

eBay Radio is on the air right now!

eBay Radio airs from 11-2 Tuesdays (West Coast time).  Love this show!  For serious eBay selling information, listen to it every week!

1. When you get to eBay, click on the "Community"  link in the upper right-hand corner.

2.  Go to "groups" and sign up for the eBay Radio group!

The eBay Radio call-in show is on Thursdays from 3-5 in the afternoon.  Griff and Lee would love you to call in.  Reveal some of your eBay selling secrets.  Ask eBay-related questions!  Learn from other callers!

Both eBay shows are great!  eBay Radio will give you ideas on what to sell and how to sell.  The program will also keep you up-to-date on eBay-related news.

Check it out  ASAP!   

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