October 6, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a brand new Kohler faucet purchased for $1 and sold for....

I love Dancing With the Stars.  It's so bad it's good.  
I know, I know.  I keep saying that, but it's true.  It just keeps getting more and more fabulous.  I think I'm addicted.  

For those of you who haven't "friended" me on Facebook, let me give you a recap of this week's most amazing performance -- Margaret Cho danced to a karaoke version of Copacabana while wearing a '20s-inspired rainbow tassel dress and Big Bird hat.  Barry Manilow, eat your heart out.

Here's a photo:

Holy moly.  I realize she was trying to make a statement, but did she choose that outfit herself?

Which brings me to today's topic.  When selling on eBay, gaudy is good.  You may not be caught dead in a pair of pink lederhosen, but they're probably hot, hot, hot on eBay. 

So what else qualifies as "gaudy"? 

 * Christmas-themed sweaters with Santas hanging from the 
    shoulders?  Check!  

* Sparkly brooches in the shape of peacocks?  Check!

* Oversized Las Vegas Snow Globe / Music Boxes ?  Check!

Even cheap shoes will sell as long as they are crazy and unique.  (Bright green pumps, checkered platform sandals, sequined slippers -- get the picture?)  They won't sell for a million bucks, but if you buy them for next to nothing and they're in excellent condition, you can definitely make a profit.  Just take an excellent photograph and include the most important keywords in the title. People love funky -- even if it's from Payless.

This weekend I went to a yard sale and found an Elvis beach towel!  (Actually, I think it's supposed to be a tapestry, but it's as big as a beach towel.)  It was thin and soft and in perfect condition.  According to the seller, it's perfect for framing.  Hmmm.  Where should I hang it?  I paid a buck and listed it for $9.99.  

 If you're not, however, into selling the funky stuff, then focus on the fancy.  (How do you like that for a segue?  I had to get to my "Score of the Day" somehow.)  Do you remember the yard sale I attended where I found the incredible gold foil art pieces?  The woman who hosted it had just finished remodeling her house.  While browsing around, I looked down and saw a brand new Kohler faucet still in the box.  The box had been opened, but the faucet was unused.  Kohler products are insanely expensive - insanely.  A faucet can cost $1,000.  This one wasn't the $1,000 type (it cost around $150 or so), but it was still very nice.  I knew I had hit the jackpot.  She was asking..... $1.  I paid her and ran.

So I finally got it listed a few weeks ago.  I looked up the exact model and set the price relatively low since I didn't actually know whether all the pieces were there and didn't feel like dealing with a return.  (Had the box been unopened and brand, brand new, I could have gotten quite a bit more.)  Eventually I took a best offer of...

                                            $43!  Yay!

                                       Definitely a score!

Well, I've got to get back to work.  The post office closes in a few hours.  Have fun this week....and look for the gaudy!

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