September 24, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a W. Rolfe paperweight purchased for 25 cents and sold for...

I love rummage sales.  The great thing about rummage sales is that the stuff being sold has been donated. The people in charge of these events don't have a personal connection to the items for sale and are more interested in moving product than getting top dollar.

A few weeks ago, a church in our neighborhood had a rummage sale.  To the untrained eye, the event was a bust.  A waste of time.  Not worth the gas it cost to get there.  To a seasoned eBayer, however, it was a good time.

I purchased a wide variety of items including a number of coffee mugs and several pieces of clothing.  As I was "rummaging" through a box full of junk (OK.  That was lame. LOL), I noticed a paperweight sitting all by itself in a corner.  I remembered listening to a webinar about signed paperweights.  This specific paperweight contained a dried flower.  It had some scratches on it and looked vintage.  I wasn't sure what it was made of ....kind of a plastic / glass mix. (I later found out that this material is called lucite.)  It really wasn't very attractive.

Nevertheless, I turned it over, and it was, indeed, signed. According to the signature, the paperweight was made by W. Rolfe (William Rolfe).  I researched the product on Niko's iPhone, and only a few had been listed in the last two weeks.  All of them had sold.   They were going for 10 to 20 dollars.  That was good enough for me.  I bought it.

I listed the paperweight at auction, and it sold the first week for.............

Since I only paid a quarter for this lovely piece of lucite (a word I will add to the title the next time I list one), I was happy. I made over $10 on this product -- not bad for 15 minutes worth of work.  

Which reminds me of another recent "score"..... 

I called eBay Radio yesterday to let everyone know that I had just had my biggest week on record.  I mentioned that a bunch of my items had sold to people in other countries. Lee was interested in seeing one of the items that had been purchased by a foreign buyer.  I quickly found one: a Harley Davidson piggy bank. I had purchased it for 50 cents and had sold it for............


Unfortunately, this was not one of my most spectacular listings.  I always try to proofread my blog posts before publishing them. When I list on eBay, however, I only care about one thing: speed. 

"Totally cool Harley Davidson piggy bank.  Ceramic. 2002." 

                                        Get the drift?

I don't usually write one-word sentences, but my typical description is only a few sentences long.  I try to include as many keywords as possible in those few sentences, but I also attempt not to bore the reader.  I don't take the time to write a carefully crafted novel because most people won't read it.  Give them the facts, Baby.  Just the facts. 

I do, however, always include my return policy:  Don't like it?  Send it back! People love knowing that they can send back products they don't like.  Since I purchase most of the items I sell for only a few dollars, this policy works for me.  My return rate is under 2 percent.

And guess what.  My bank sold for quite a bit more than some of the others that sold at around the same time.

Well, I've gotta get back to listing now.  Got to treat this like a job, you know?  Remember:  The more you list, the more you sell. 

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  1. wow are you yard selling Saturday? mite go this blog gets me i the mood to EBAY

  2. Yup! I will be up B & E (bright and early)!

  3. Hi! Really enjoy your blog, found it by searching for ebay blogs on google. I started one of my own about my ebay adventures:

    Read every post of yours over the past few hours while listing items. Also you should check out American Pickers, the first season is now on Netflix streaming for free!

  4. Haven't seen American Pickers, but I keep hearing about it. Thanks for reading!