January 9, 2010

$30 in the store or $1 at a yard sale...

It is definitely not yard sale season. It's cold. It's wet. Chico usually has 50 to 70 yard sales a weekend during the summer. Right now, I'm lucky to find a handful of sales per weekend. This morning, however, there was a yard sale in a great neighborhood, and I scored! I purchased a number of items including a $30 candle for.......$1!!! The candle was brand new. It was hand poured. It came from a local store. It had soy in it -- the type of candle I would NEVER spend money on. $30? Please!

When I got home, I researched it. The company was called Archipelago, and I found out that I could sell it for at least $20!! It was brand new and came in a cool box. OK. I am going to be honest. I researched the candle AFTER getting out the matches and lighting it. Darn it. Truth be told, I am happy that I kept it.

Remember: New and even partially burned, quality candles can bring a lot of money on eBay. - Miriam @ Bluefrogshoes.com (shoes in narrow, wide, and standard widths at awesome prices ...plus a whole lot more!)

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  1. Way to go Miriam!!! Candles are most welcome house gifts, too! Turn on the kitchen timer to remind yourself that you have a candle burning. Maria Christina