October 20, 2009

More Bartering on Craigslist......for soda

Bartering on Craigslist is really not new to me. This summer, Niko was cleaning out his garage. As he cleaned, he found a number of items he no longer wanted: a North Face sleeping bag, an REI backpack, and a couple of camping stoves. All of these items were dirty and.... gross. (Let's not sugarcoat it.) He insisted that I list them on Craigslist as a "lot."

I was convinced that nobody would want a pile of smelly camping items. "Start typing," said Niko. So I took a picture of the pile and started typing. "Type exactly what I tell you to type," he yelled from the garage. "The post should read 'Dirty, stinky, smelly camping gear. North Face and REI brands. $30 or 3 cases of soda.'"

Within 30 minutes, a man with three industrial size boxes of soda arrived at the door. (We think that he was an employee of a soda company. Those boxes were huge and not available in stores.) He grabbed the gear and off he went. - Miriam @ Bluefrogshoes.com - hard-to-find sizes and brand names.

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