September 19, 2011

Still wondering how to make your photos stand out? Try having someone model the products you are selling..

If you are selling a piece of clothing, you might consider having someone model the product.  When I shoot a picture of someone modeling clothing, I don't shoot the person's face.  If hair is showing, I crop it out of the photo. When writing the description, I usually include the height of the person modeling the piece so that people get an idea of how it might look on them.

Check out this red leather jacket!

(I'm marketing this leather jacket as a Michael Jackson costume to get more interest. I had 3 watchers last week, but it didn't sell. I relisted it. It will sell eventually.)

If anyone else would like to submit a photo, send it to  I'd love to get some new ideas!


  1. Great idea on the Michael Jackson marketing.

  2. Just sold it for $29.99. Only paid $5, so I'm happy! - Miriam