September 25, 2011

I love sports teams that are no longer in existence. I scored again!

I really don't know anything about sports....but I'm learning!  Picked up this Vancouver Grizzlies shirt at a yard sale.  The owner of the shirt mentioned that the team is no longer in existence, so I was pretty excited.  I guess the team moved to a new city.  The shirt only cost me a quarter.

According to Terapeak, I should be able to get about $20 or more.  Only one other person has this product, and that seller's shirt is new with tags.  It's listed at a fixed price for $49.99. I listed my shirt at auction for $19.99 ...just in case.  The auction starts tonight!


  1. It sold right away for $22.50. I thought the same shirt was being sold NWT for $49.99, so I added a fixed price to this listing. Bad idea!

    After the shirt sold, I realized that the New With Tags Grizzlies shirt that was listed on eBay was slightly different. My shirt had the "Inaugural Season" badge on it.

    I'm guessing this shirt would have been bid up if I would have listed it at auction with no Buy It Now. Live and learn! - M

  2. Wanted to send a kudos your way. I love reading your blog and am happy to see that there are people out there who still enjoy making money off of second hand treasures :)

  3. Thanks for reading, Hope!! Stay tuned. My blog is about to get better. More interactive. :)