September 18, 2011

eBay Selling Tip of the Day: Take a picture that will get their attention!

I'm going to start posting photos that I think make certain listings stand out from the crowd. 

I'm selling a pair of Charter Club capris.  My assistant photographed them, and the picture turned out so-so.  It certainly didn't highlight the fact that the pants are made of a cool black and white fabric. I decided to have her take a close-up picture of the fabric.  When buyers look at this listing, they see this picture first.

I think it gets people's attention, don't you?

And here's another photo I took that highlights the pattern on a sports-themed tie:

Sometimes closeups are the way to go!



  1. I think this is a good idea. I've done this on several occasions for old cookbooks that don't have ISBN's and are missing the dust covers. I take a photo of a colorful photo of food inside the book and use that for my main photo. But I've never thought to do this for things like ties (although I do include a 2nd photo detailing the pattern).

  2. Much more attractive to show the best bit of an item. I do this too sometimes.

    By the way that black and white fabric if very cool.

  3. I'm not the greatest when it come to photography, but this technique is definitely working for me!