August 16, 2011

The eBay Life Blog Selling tip of the Day: Beware of Beanies!

This weekend we listed about 100+ items.  Among the items I was planning to list was a small bucket of Beanie Babies given to me by a friend.  I'd heard that they were worthless, but the ones I had in my possession were so cute!  I mean...there was even an Alabama one!

Well, I was wrong.  Beanie babies are a dime a dozen.  

Lesson learned. 

Note:  If any of you out there have had luck with any specific beanies that are still collectible, please leave a comment.  But in general, do not buy them!  (I'm so glad the ones I had were given to me for free.)  I will never be sucked in by their cuteness again! 

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