August 26, 2011

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a Kate Spade purse purchased for $5 and sold for ...

Last weekend we went to a yard sale and picked up a Kate Spade purse for $5.  (It was featured in my yard sale roundup.)  I made sure to ask the lady where she bought it.  I told her I sell on eBay and could get in big trouble if it wasn't real.  She claimed that she had purchased it for her daughter at an authentic Kate Spade store while on vacation.  Her daughter didn't like it.  I was satisfied with that.  What reason did she have to lie?

When I got home, I had Tasha search the Internet for verification that we had an authentic Kate Spade on our hands.  We found several websites that helped us out.

It smelled just a tad like perfume, so I listed it as used once. It looked new, but I wasn't absolutely sure that it was new, so I decided to be very cautious.

Today it sold to someone in Canada for....


And that's a score...for sure!

Remember:  It's OK to sell brand name purses, just be very careful.  Make sure you ask the person from whom you are purchasing the purse whether or not it's authentic or not.  Thereafter, verify that it is authentic by looking up the "signs" of an authentic purse on the Internet.

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  1. very good sales.



  2. I turned $14.99 of purchases into $144.73 profit after all fees. (Gave 1 refund so down to $134 profit).

    Great little side money maker which is fun and doesn't take too much effort. Thanks for your great inspiration. Love the videos too.