July 16, 2011

eBay Selling Tip of the Day: Vote Morris for President!

OK.  So this is a great story.  Right before summer school ended, I went to lunch a local Mexican restaurant with my buddies from the adult school. My friend Lisa and I decided to walk there to get some exercise.  On the way to the restaurant, we came across a yard sale. It was a Thursday, and I was very surprised to find one. 

Lisa is interested in selling on eBay, so she decided to watch me at work to see what I bought.  Well, the only thing of interest I found was a Morris for President pin.  "Why would anyone want that?" she asked.  Well, I go to A LOT of yard sales, and I'd never seen one, so I figured it was somewhat collectible.  It only cost a quarter.  

This morning it sold for $10.  So lunch that day didn't cost me anything!  (FYI:  It took me 5 minutes to list and package the pin.)

And that's what eBay's about.  I just wish the execs at eBay would focus on making eBay the world's biggest and best yard sale in the world..not another Amazon.  I've started to sell on Amazon, too, but for the most part, I can't sell the type of items on Amazon that I can on eBay.  People go to eBay to find Morris the Cat memorabilia, vintage board shorts, and used shoes - they don't go to Amazon to purchase these products.  And that's what makes eBay special!

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