July 1, 2011

eBay Selling Tip of the Day: Use the "Save Search" feature on eBay!

Interested in keeping tabs on the competition?  Looking for a hard-to-find item?  Use eBay's saved search feature!  After completing a search, eBay gives you the opportunity to save the search.  Click on this option, and you will be notified if an item you are looking for with the same keywords pops up on eBay.

I have used this feature to keep tabs on the competition as well. Let's say you list a rare Starbucks coffee mug that no other seller is offering.  After listing it, search for the item.  Then save the search.  If someone else lists a similar mug, eBay will notify you.

I also use saved searches to snatch up merchandise for resale.  I currently have a saved search related to an item I  regularly offer in my store.  Most people list it for under $10 at auction not realizing it's worth quite a bit of money if listed at a fixed price for an extended amount of time. 

And that's my tip for the day!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip, Miriam. I never thought to use the Save Search feature for selling purposes. Now I know :0)

  2. thanks for reading!

  3. I'm not at all happy about Ebay's new policy of charging a final value fee on shipping. What do you think about it?

  4. I don't like it either. And I don't like adding free shipping to my products even if I roll the cost of shipping into the cost of the product! Unfortunately, they are forcing us into it, so I may have to offer it to stay competitive. LOL