June 8, 2011

eBay Selling Tip of the Day: Sell Clinique "Free Gift with Purchase" Products

My aunt loves shopping at Macy's.  She often brings me her leftover "gift with purchase" Clinique products. I cherry pick the pieces I want and sell the rest.  People often go on eBay to search for their favorite lipsticks and eye shadow colors. I like "Heather Moon" lipstick, and those are the two words I write into the search box when I'm ready to buy a new tube.  Lipsticks usually go for around $8-$10!  


  1. Great idea, but how would you ship it so that it doesn't melt in this hot weather? (I'm in the south and it is in the 90's with high humidity every day so it may be easier if you live & ship in the north).

  2. Anonymous said...Hmmm. Well, I've never had a problem. I'm not sure if I've ever ordered or sent in the middle of summer so that's definitely something to think about when you're sending lipstick. Eye shadow, mascara, etc. are ok.