June 28, 2011

eBay / Craigslist Selling Tip of the Day: Children's books are hot!

Are you finding a lot of children's books at yard sales?   I used to teach fifth grade, and I can identify a fifth-grade novel in no time flat.  Instead of selling children's books on eBay, I often sell them in lots on Craigslist right before school starts.  That's when teachers are looking for books to fill up their classroom libraries. 

Accelerated Reader books are especially hot.  Some schools use a program called Accelerated Reader or AR.  Nancy Drew, Boxcar Children, Judy Blume novels...these are the types of books that are part of the AR program.  If you want to make sure the books you have are AR friendly, go to the company's website Try not to pay more than 25 cents per book.

If you decide to list children's books on eBay, list them in lots and be sure to include the words AR and Accelerated Reader in the titles of your listings.  You might also want to list AR books according to grade level.  Another technique is to put two to three grade levels in one lot since students in the same class might be at different reading levels.  Be sure to send books using Media Mail.

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  1. I've seen on a few eBay listings that sellers say media mail is really slow (and it seemed like they were worried about their feedback because of it). Is media mail a good thing - I know the price is right, or does it take too long for packages to arrive? Thanks!