April 6, 2011

Hi, Everyone! I am helping out with a garage Extreme Makeover "Garage Edition." Check it out!

Rachel Findlay is my friends' daughter.  We are participating in an extreme makeover "garage edition."   (If you would like to donate via PayPal or credit card, click here.)  Rachel's family is very involved in the local community and has always offered a helping hand to those in need.

Rachel is a sweet and very brave eleven-year old girl. This precious child was born with an extremely rare condition called Hajdu-Chaney Syndrome. Until recently, Rachel was in a regular classroom at Marigold Elementary School in Chico, California. But, four months ago, everything changed after a surgery to fuse her spine to her skull created complications which have left her unable to speak or swallow.

Hajdu-Chaney is a rare syndrome that involves connective tissue and bone disorders. Rachel was diagnosed with HCS at 3 years of age. This little trooper has endured leg braces, fractures, traction and surgeries throughout her young life but recently experienced a very serious complication following surgery to fuse her spine to her skull. Rachel’s throat has remained swollen since the surgery and she is unable to breathe or swallow on her own.

Rachel is now home after spending 11 weeks in the hospital. She continues to communicate to her family with notes and gestures. Her parents are hoping to find a doctor soon that can help her. In spite of everything, Rachel remains upbeat and positive. Her parents, Janette and Len Findlay and her two siblings are grateful for the support and prayers of friends. Len is a teacher at Oroville Adult Education. The family lives in Chico, California.

Your help can make a difference for Rachel!

If you have been touched by Rachel’s story and want to help brighten her life and ease the heavy load for this little family; there is a way!

It is Rachel’s dream to have a special space for her and her siblings to play, do homework, watch movies and relax. The (Almost) Extreme Garage Make-Over Project has been spearheaded by a group of friends and co-workers calling themselves Rachel’s Helping Hands.

We are making her dream come true by transforming the garage into an awesome place just for them. Jennifer and Scott Duncan, owners of QTC, have already committed to installing the floor, wiring the electrical and painting, but they can’t do it alone. We need your help to equip and decorate the room and assist the family with of out-of-town doctor visit expenses.

Please consider donating. If you would like to donate online or via PayPal,  Any amount will help. Sweat equity is welcome too. http://bit.ly/h60Cy0

You can click on her facebook page to donate through Paypal or send a check to Rachel Findlay, PO Box 3704, Chico CA 95927