April 3, 2011

The eBay Life Score of the Day is a pair of $200+ John Fluevog shoes purchased for $4 and sold for....

Last weekend we stopped at a yard sale by the park.  It was pretty pricey.  The shoes were $4 a pair!  

Nevertheless, I decided to be a big spender and take a chance on some purple and green Mary Janes that looked quite interesting. They were colorful and clunky "John Fluevogs."  I'd never heard of this brand.  (Shocking, isn't it?)  But if you want to be a successful eBay seller, you have to take chances. 

They looked a bit like Doc Martens.  I try to avoid Docs unless I get them dirt cheap.  They cost a fortune new, but they just don't sell for much on eBay.  But since the woman having the sale was selling quite a few high-end items, I decided throw caution to the wind.

She also had a pair of John Fluevog boots, but she wanted $20 for those.  $20 for a pair of boots at a yard sale?  I was feeling lucky....but not that lucky.  So I didn't buy them - a decision I would soon regret.

When I got in the car, I used the eBay iPhone app to do some research.  Fluevogs appeared to be hot, but I couldn't find the exact shoes I'd purchased.  I should have used the Terapeak app because when I got home, I discovered these purple beauties were worth $75. The boots I didn't buy were worth ........well, let's not talk about that.

Luckily, the completed listings I found mentioned a style name.  I made sure to include the style name in the title of the listing I created for these shoes.  I decided to list them for quite a bit more than the going rate since I was the only one on eBay who had them.  (I've been doing that a lot lately.)

And they sold.  In fact, they sold in less than 24 hours.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?  I'm guessing an eBay buyer had a "saved search" set up for these exact shoes.  The girl who bought them lives in Canada.  She emailed me to let me know that she owns another pair of Fluevogs in this style but that she'd never seen purple and green ones.  

After sending off the shoes, I looked up John Fluevog on Wikipedia.  Somebody had written an extremely interesting article about him.  Here's the link:  article about John Fluevog.  According to the article, Fluevog has quite a history, and many celebrities have worn his shoes.  At  one point, he even collaborated with the Doc Martens brand.  Crazy!

So here they are.  The eBay Life Score of the Day is a used pair of John Fluevog Mary Janes purchased for $4 and sold for....


The moral of the story is as follows: Don't be afraid to take chances! And if you need shoes, you know where to go: Bluefrogshoes.com.  Interested in being notified when I post something new?  Sign up for email updates (upper right-hand corner of this page). And for even more eBay selling tips and tricks, check out Skip McGrath's newsletter.  It's an amazing and free newsletter filled with tons of information.  He even provides his readers with lists of wholesalers. Have a great Sunday!

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