February 3, 2011

Have you ever considered selling golf shirts?

 Golf (polo style) shirts are a men's wardrobe staple.  Suzanne Wells, The eBay Selling Coach, has sold over 10,000 men's golf shirts to buyers all over the world since she began selling on eBay in 2003. All were sold as single items, not in huge lots.

Suzanne has written a great resource, The Golf Shirt Bible.  I have learned so much from purchasing ebooks and webinars from other eBay sellers.  The first time I bought an information product from a respected eBayer, I made my money back the first hour -- no joke!  The products I learned about are products I now sell on a daily basis.

Suzanne's eBook is full of great information!  If you're interested in purchasing it, click on the following link: Buy Now
Have a great day!