February 16, 2011

-------The Scotch Tape Project ------

A few months ago, the Scotch company contacted me.  They were interested in having me be one of their "shipping experts."  I've been selling on eBay for almost six years, and in those six years, I've learned a lot about shipping......so I feel like I've made all the mistakes.  I guess that would make me an expert.  As a shipping expert, my job would be to come up with a few shipping tips and create two shipping videos. 

A few weeks after agreeing to participate in this project, I was sent a box full of Scotch supplies and a video camera.  I have to admit, Scotch Heavy Duty Tape is pretty awesome.  The tape they sent was very thick and worked great.  They also sent me a Scotch tape dispenser.  I have owned one of these for many years.  They are really good for large packages.

So I made my videos and wrote up some tips.  These tips will save you time and money.  Overall, it was a fun experience!

Miriam's Shipping Tips 

1. When reusing a box, cover all symbols and acronyms that indicate that the box was originally used to transport flammable items or alcohol. I once had a box held hostage at a shipping facility located an hour from my home. I had to drive to the facility and speak with a postal worker before the postal authorities would release the package. (I had reused a box that had originally contained hairspray, and the postal authorities thought I might be a terrorist.)

2. When reusing boxes, cover all old shipping labels. 

3. Never address both sides of a package thinking you are being extra thorough. The delivery service you use may see the side without postage and send the box back you. (Yes, this happened to me.)

4. Use permanent marker when addressing a package by hand or cover both the address and return address with a quality tape such as Scotch Heavy Duty to ensure that the ink does not get wet and bleed.

5. Always include your name or your company's name in the return address when sending international packages. I once had an international package sent back because I did not include this information.

6. Avoid using boxes that are too heavy. It is important to use sturdy boxes when shipping items, but some boxes (such as those from the produce departments of grocery stores) add too much extra weight. The heavier a package,the more it will cost to ship.

7. Use a tape dispenser like the heavy duty ones offered by Scotch when working with large packages. A tape dispenser can speed up the shipping process when you are working with large packages that require a lot of tape.

8.  Use a thick tape like Scotch Heavy Duty when packaging large items.  You won't have to use as much tape, and it's easy to handle.

9. Use heavy duty tape to reinforce boxes that have lost their strength

10. Always use bubble wrap or packing peanuts to package fragile items. (If you're looking to save money, ask businesses in your area if they throw away these products on a regular basis.  You may be able to get bubble wrap and peanuts for free!)   


Miriam's Scotch Tape Shipping Videos


  1. I found the video to be very helpful. Very useful information from a experienced person. Thank You!

  2. I agree that Scotch extra heavy duty tape is amazing! Thanks for sharing your tips! I agree that you need to find sturdy but light weight boxes so I am always a scavenger where ever I go looking for boxes and packing materials. We have a place for recycle goods called "Leftovers" where a person can purchase a very large trash bag filled with packaging for about $5 I think. Somewhere in that price range so I probably need to run out tomorrow and buy some before all you other eBayers go looking. :)

    Thanks again.

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  4. Thanks for watching and for the great tip!

  5. Great tips! Trying to keep packages light is always a challenge.