January 16, 2011

The "Score of the Day" is another blast from the past... (A retro Swatch purchased for 50 cents and sold for...)

On July 4, 2010, we went to a great yard sale and picked up a Swatch for 50 cents.  This is the "Access" Swatch which somehow gave you access to ski resorts (I'm guessing that offer has ended..)  It came with the original box and owner's manual.  Take a look!

  Last week we sold it for..........


Not bad! 


  1. Nice sale. I find that almost anything that is new in the original packaging is worth a shot.

  2. I so want one. Checked them out last time I was in Vegas. They had a cool kiosk close to my hotel!

  3. You can sometimes find these in the KIDS bins at Thrifts stores for cheap. Great Find and Awesome Sale!

    Hope you will come over and visit my Blog and add your blog to my Blogroll!

    Happy eBaying,