December 12, 2010

eBay Selling Tip of the Day: Buy super cheap shipping supplies at .....

 My cat is attracted to all things new. New blanket?  She's on it.  New bed?  She's on it.  I even caught her napping in our new photo studio the other day.   

 But new padded envelopes?  I guess they're probably pretty soft....

Which brings me to the tip of the day: Be on the lookout for shipping supplies at yard sales!  We purchased a brand new USPS scale and a huge stack of shipping labels at a yard sale last year. (Someone was going to make a million bucks on eBay but never got around to doing it.).  And yesterday we purchased a huge lot of new and used padded envelopes for only $1.  They cost over $1 a piece in the stores.  Estate sales are probably the best places to buy shipping supplies.  Most heirs are interested in diamonds and pearls-- not the stuff Grandma left in her office. 

So forget Office Depot!   When it comes to shipping supplies, yard sales are where it's at!


  1. Amen! Forget Office Depot. I haven't been fortunate enough to see any office supplies in my week end hunting trips, but if I ever come across any I will snap them up. ULine was my main source of shipping supplies until I negotiated with a local company to match their prices.

  2. I went to Michael's a few weeks ago and spied this huge picture frame box back where they do framing. I asked the guy behind the counter what he was going to do with it. He said, "you can take it if you want." It was, you guessed it, loaded to the max with that nice thin foam padding that is excellent for wrapping mugs. :P

  3. P.S. Here in St. Charles,MO we have a place that takes all kinds of recycled stuff. A huge ginormous trash bag of peanuts or foam sells for about $3.00 maybe a tad more. This place is a gold mine for anything and everything...even old books and movies!