December 9, 2010

Need more ideas on what to sell on eBay? Check out this cool blog, Money in the Garage. Great ebay selling ideas, tips, and tricks!


  1. Have any advice for me?

    I bought and sold a pair of Doc shoes (currently on my blog). They have a black marker price under the shoes which I thought I would get out in a jiffy, they are ready to post tonight. However the ink seems to have penetrated the rubber and wont budge at all. I've tried nail polish remover and ecalyptus oil. Aaargh.

    What would you do?

    I follow Money in the Garage and then followed you after you left a comment on his blog. You both have great postings.

    I'm off to France next week so might look at some op-shops there.

  2. Thanks for reading! I would just use permanent marker to scratch out the price. Make a little black dot and call it a day. As long as the price doesn't show. Have fun in France!