November 3, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is a Gretsch guitar case purchased for $10 and sold at auction for.....

Earlier this year, I started watching Pawn Stars.  After just a few episodes, I was hooked. If you haven't seen it, you really should.  Some people call it "a working class Antiques Roadshow."  Since we don't get the History Channel, I watch it on Netflix.

So what's the appeal?  Is it Rick's dashing good looks?  Is it the old man's stylish attire?  Or is it Chumlee's quick mind?   

I think it's the fact that they're the real deal.  The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop has been around for over 20 years, and the stars of the show actually own the joint.  From Civil War-era peg legs to tricked out Hogs, "you never know what's gonna come through that door."  

It's also an educational show.  That's why it's on the History Channel.  Every episode is full of cool factoids.  All serious eBayers should watch it. 

Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm going to check out the shop.  Maybe I'll bring something to sell. Maybe I'll get to meet the guys. They probably wouldn't be interested in a Winnie the Pooh snow globe or plus-size Christmas sweater, so I'll have to ask my mom for help.  (I'm not really into antiques and collectibles, and she has an eBay store filled with that type of stuff.)  It's gonna be exciting visiting the shop, and the first question I'll be asked as I approach the counter is.......  "Are you lookin' to pawn it or sell it?"  I'll definitely be selling. 

Speaking of collectibles... a while back a friend of mine picked up a Gretsch guitar case for $10.  Is was "super dirty and gross," so she and her dad cleaned it up and did a few repairs.  She found out that it was the Gretsch "Cowboy Case" that went with a highly collectible guitar from the 1950's.  She couldn't find a value for it online, so she started the bidding at $100.  Amazingly enough, she sold it to a Japanese man who owned the guitar that fit in the case for ................... 


                                                    No joke!

(Wonder what Rick and the guys would have given her....)

And guess where she bought it.  A pawn shop.

Recently, I decided to check out the pawn shop in downtown Chico.  Believe it or not, the owners don't sell on eBay. (That's good news for me!)  I definitely learned a few things.  If you go to a shop in your neighborhood, take photos of the items you're interested in reselling. That will make it easier for you to go home and research them.  Most pawn shops have a lot of merchandise, and you'll be looking at quite a few specialty items about which you will know absolutely nothing.

OK.  I've got to cut it short.  I'm trying to reach my goal of listing 100 items a week.  I'm already at 65. Maybe after I'm done, I'll go out and try to find a Kiss pinball machine.  LOL

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If you want to check out another cool blog, go to For What It's Worth.  This blog is written by the friend who sold the guitar case I mentioned earlier.  She blogs pretty regularly about the fabulous things she finds at yard sales and thrift shops on the Central Coast.  

Have a great week!



  1. ok how much is the pin ball worth??

  2. I don't remember....but I did see that episode!

  3. Miriam I'm so glad I found your blog! LOVE reading what you write. I got to visit THE Pawn shop in Vegas, it's funny how it's just a little cheesey pawn shop but you feel so cool being in there! I have signed magnets from all the guys except Rick, they say he's too full of himself to bother signing any! LOL!

  4. What? That.....He's my favorite! Maybe not anymore. I was kind of bummed that I couldn't find any pictures with all 4 of the guys -- Chum's one of my faves as well. We are actually considering flying to Vegas for the day, checking out the shop, and flying home. Just waiting for a cheap ticket. It was tooo hot this summer!

  5. Omigosh--I'm definitely looking more closely at ratty old guitar cases from now on! :-)

  6. BTW, I can't find your friend's blog. Can you spell out the correct web address? Thanks! Linda

  7. Thanks for reading! Just click on the name of the blog where I mention it in the post! That will lead you straight to it!

  8. $1200 for a guitar case-wow! Pawn shops as a new inventory source-great idea. I think many of the shop owners are like the "old man" on Pawn Stars. Old school guys who don't have much use for eBay. Like you said, good for the rest of us! Great Blog, thanks for visiting mine! !

  9. Thanks, Dude! Yes, it was a new idea for me, too!

  10. I went to the Gold & Silver Pawn when i was in Vegas during the summer. It was a fun experience but it's definitely a tourist attraction. You can email the pawn shop ahead of time with what you have and they will get back with you if they are interested.