August 9, 2010

The "Score of the Day" is a pair of $100 "Seven for All Mankind" jeans for little girls purchased for $1 and sold for.........

Yes, you read that correctly. Some little girls are actually running around in $100 jeans.

I went to a yard sale this weekend where I purchased a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans in a girl's size 6. I only paid a dollar. They were cute and had a few sparkles on the pockets. A few of the rhinestones had fallen off - barely noticeable. To be honest, they looked like any other pair of jeans.

I looked them up on Terapeak. Wow! Instantly I realized that Seven for All Mankind jeans for little girls are super popular! As I continued my research, I discovered that only 34 pairs in a size 6 had closed in the last 90 days, and almost all of them had sold.

Because the jeans I had purchased had missing rhinestones, I listed them for $20 --about $10 less than the going rate for a used pair. Perhaps I should have listed them for $30. They sold less than 24 hours after I listed them. Unbelievable!

Note: There is a difference between "Seven" and "Seven for All Mankind." Seven jeans were sold by Mervyn's before Mervyn's went under. Seven for All Mankind jeans are much more expensive. When I purchased the jeans, I thought they cost about $50 new. I was wrong. These jeans sell for $50 --during a 1/2 off sale!!! Wow!

I'm not sure if I will ever find these types of jeans again because I am not sure how many parents purchase $100 jeans for their kiddos. (I so want to go there.....but.... I'm not going to.) However, I definitely learned something!

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Have a great night!

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  1. What a great find! It just comes to show that even in a recession, you can find women's shoes and jeans for great prices.