August 21, 2010

The eBay Life "Score of the Day" is 5 pieces of vintage foil artwork framed and matted for ........

I wasn't going to go to yard sales today because I had a ton of things to do, but I couldn't help myself.  We got up super early and were out by seven o'clock.  By a quarter past seven, we had SCORED!  I purchased 5 pieces of vintage foil artwork framed and matted for .........


No joke.  I love them.  I will not be selling them.  They are too cool, and they have transformed my bedroom.  Take a look at these pics!!!

The best part about living "The eBay Life" is that you can shop while you work.  I buy almost everything at yard sales, but I don't think I have come across home decor this cool!  These pieces were someone's grandma's.  Grandma purchased them years ago in Carlsbad.  (Each piece is quite heavy and has a stamp on the back -- we're not dealing with junk here!) 

OK.  I've gotta go admire my bedroom just one more time before it gets dark!  Have a great evening!

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